Friday, June 19, 2009

The Big Screen

I've seen this film so many times and I still picked up things I wasn't aware of. Clotheslines. Men and clotheslines! Phil's clothesline full of clothes and the Train Driver's empty. The photomontage sequence when Nick is thinking about all the possible causes of his cancer eg. mobile phones, burnt toast etc. Where did that Karma sign come from? This adds a whole new level of meaning to this sequence. Cricket pictures in Phil's office. And the sound! The difference between watching something on a big screen and or on our woefully inadequate facilities is unreal. When Anna visits Andy to tell him about her pregnancy - the humming of the fridge in the background. The conversations on the train - I could actually hear them. Sarah Watt is a terrific film-maker. The fact small details can still resonate after so many viewings is testament to her talent. That doesn't mean I think the film is perfect. The Train driver's son still annoys me. One of the most unconvincing transformations in film history!

I took seven pages of notes yesterday. Can hardly wait until this afternoon to discuss it all. Hope you have lots of questions. Any volunteers to help me with typing up our notes to put on the blog? Probably more chance of Andy becoming likeable!

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