Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Minor characters - Phil

You are all writing well about Meryl, Nick & Andy. Don't forget to perfect your writing in response to the minor characters in the film.

Although Phil is one of Sarah Watt's minor characters, the themes surrounding his story are crucial to the film's contention that "life is what you make it". Phil has lost touch with his wife and daughter, engulfed in his work as editor of the "Southern Mail". He can't even rember the date of his daughter's birthday, embarrassingly saying "happy birthday" the morning before. Sarah Watt uses mise en scene to portray Phil as a workaholic. His workspace is cluttered with takeaway food packaging indicating he doesn't have time for meals at home. His life is a mess but Nick's cancer diagnosis leads him to reassess his life. He decides to look in the other direction. He begins by quitting smoking and brings his wife flowers. This metamorphisis puzzles his wife who who asks if he is "having an affair". Computer screens symbolise work in Look Both Ways and Phil ignores his as he prepares for his daughter's party symbolizing that his family is now more important than his work. In the closing sequence it is clear Phil has once again reconnected with his family. Acting alone shows that the gap has been bridged between him and his wife as they look at each other lovingly. His daughter comes and hugs him after receiving a cricket bat as a birthday present. He has made it.

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